Business Goal

"Kraft Happiness" is a website which will help users to buy different types of handmade gift cards. Goal of the website is to generate leads & grow business.

Usability Goal

The website should be easy for users, so that they can find what they want without any difficulties.

User Persona

Name – Anjana
Age – 24 years
Gender – Female
Location – Mumbai
Education - B.E in telecommunication

User Scenario

She is a professor in a college. On the occasion of her sister's birthday, she wants to gift her a handmade greeting card with lots of pictures of her sisters with family and friends.

Name – Nikhil
Age – 30 years
Gender – Male
Location – Mumbai
Occupation - Software Devloper

User Scenario

He wants to gift his wife a special gift on the occasion of his 1st marriage anniversary. He want to gift her wife a handmade card with so many photos and some special messages on it.

Pain Point

- User don't have time to make the greeting card by their own as the users are very busy with their working life.
- User doesn't know anyone who can make this type of gifts.


- Gifts should be customizable & affordable within her budget.
- Need to see variety of options and good products online.

Navigation Diagram

Style Guide

Text Font Font-size Color
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CTA Text Krub 18px #ffffff
Body Text Krub 16px #201d1d

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